• 30-Jul-2023


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[  ] The Yamuna is the second largest tributary river of the Ganges by discharge and the longest tributary in India, originating from the Yamunotri Glacier. It merges with the Ganges at Triveni Sangam, Prayagraj, which is a site of the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu festival held every 12 years.

[  ] Major tributaries of Yamuna- Hindon,Tons, Giri, Chambal (longest) Sind, Betwa, Ken

[  ] July will be the hottest globally on record and likely the warmest human civilization has seen, scientists calculate.

[  ] The port of Chabahar is located in southeastern Iran in the Gulf of Oman.

[  ] Ameland island- Netherlands (Dutch)

[  ] Military coups in African countries- Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Guniea, Sudan, Guniea Bissau

[  ] The federal funds rate is the rate at which commercial banks in the US lend money held with the Federal Reserve system to each other on an overnight basis.

[  ] The Fed rates hikes have been carried out to control inflation which had been at decadal high levels in the aftermath of the pandemic. At higher interest rates, people will borrow and consume less and companies will borrow and expand less, hopefully bringing down retail inflation in general and wage inflation in particular.

[  ] Delisting of securities means removing the securities of a listed company from a stock exchange (either voluntary or compulsory). Once delisted, the securities of that company can no longer be traded on the stock exchange.

[  ] If a company wants to delist its securities, it needs to buy back 90% of the total issued shares.

[  ] Reverse book building is process used for price discovery

[  ] Genetic data are used to estimate the geographic origins of a person's recent ancestors in genetic ancestry testing.

[  ] Traditional ancestry analysis includes testing for the mitochondrial DNA (transmitted only by females and reflecting the origin of one maternal ancestor) and the Y chromosomal DNA (transmitted only from father to son and reflecting the origin of one paternal ancestor).