• 17-Apr-2023

Heatstroke deaths in Mumbai: Why humidity, not heat, is often the critical factor in such events

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The deaths of 11 people in Mumbai on Sunday (April 16), apparently due to heatstroke, while they were attending a government meeting in an open space, is possibly the largest heatwave-related death toll from a single event.

So is it extremely hot in Mumbai right now?

Interestingly, Mumbai is not even facing heatwave conditions right now. The tragedy took place in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, under the Panvel Municipal Corporation area. The India Meteorological Department’s (IMD’s) Santa Cruz (Mumbai) observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 34.1 degrees Celsius on Sunday, which was 1 degree above normal. The coastal observatory at Colaba (Mumbai) recorded a high of 32.4 degrees Celsius.